Workplace Design

High-performance workplaces are needed to foster innovation and extend the core mission of an organization, especially to sustain effectiveness and help to attract and retain talent.

We bring design leadership and expertise to create workplace strategies that build efficient and healthy workplaces that are instrumental for supporting high-performance individuals and teams.

Envision Future Office Needs

We assist leaders and key stakeholders to make strategic decisions regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of the workplace environment. We help correlate your company’s key performance metrics with critical workforce and workplace information. The data points we collect triangulates your space, technology, and organizational structure needs to optimize an enhanced work environment for superior performance.

Productive Collaborative Workplaces

We focus on efficiency and flexibility in the use of office space that has been traditionally dedicated, expensive, and often unoccupied. We believe it is flexibility and choice that sets the stage for employees to be productive in a variety of work settings, We put emphasis on increasing opportunities for collaboration by fostering the role of the “office” as an enabler of interactions that push forward key business priorities such as innovation, knowledge sharing, and speed-to-market

Real Estate Competences

We provide significant cost savings recommendations based upon existing real estate portfolios, through the identification of space-reduction opportunities and changing workspace standards. While each client has their own balance of priorities and constraints, we assess based on different work styles to create allocations of different groups. We consistently work towards cost savings measures based on set metrics to provide reduced operating costs and increases to the financial bottom line.

Workplace Services:

  • Occupancy Evaluation:
    Assessment of existing facilities, workplaces and work practices.
  • Workplace Research:
    Benchmarking of exemplary workplaces.
  • Workplace Strategy:
    Develop design and implementation strategies for a single workplace locale or across a portfolio of workplaces.
  • Workplace Design Criteria:
    Establish dimensional standards and performance metrics for innovative work settings.
  • Workplace Design Advisory:
    Design review, team selection, and design management services.
  • Workplace Performance:
    Ongoing and incremental evaluation of workplace improvement initiative