Sustainable Housing

Sustainable and cost-effective housing continues to be a pressing need. We bring a broad-based sustainable design approach together with innovations in project delivery and prefabrication to create healthy and high-performance dwellings for building owners and residents.

Harmonizing Economics And Environmental Impact

We place people and environmental impact at the front and center of the designs of our buildings; from site orientation to sustainable building practices to material selection and beyond. We employ the methods of lean design and construction to leverage the efficiency of building production and assembly.
We advocate for innovative and transformative approaches to design in order to realize environmentally sustainable buildings that enable human health and well-being.

Sustainable Innovation in Design

It is now clear that the way buildings are designed and constructed impacts the way people feel in terms of their health, happiness, and productivity. The term “sustainable” may seem ubiquitous, however, sustainable design is an urgent need and increasingly affordable. Green housing is becoming more mainstream, even in our cities. Anderson Porter Design continues to be at the forefront of these innovations and actively expands our knowledge and capabilities through continuing education and affiliation with organizations such as USGBC and PHIUS. We currently maintain both LEED and Passive Haus certifications.

Urban Living: Designs For the Way We Live Today

There is a strong upswing in the demand for urban living, shaped by those who favor proximity to work and urban amenities. There is a distinct lack of choice for efficient and cost effective living spaces that also provide comfort, style and a sense of community. Anderson Porter Design is committed to designing creative spaces that support these aspirations with innovative and economical dwellings.

Sustainable Housing Services:

  • Development Feasibility Studies:
    Assessment of existing building and site conditions; exploration of possibilities for what can be developed on a given site.
  • Zoning and Code Analysis
  • Municipal Approvals/Permitting Assistance:
    Extensive experience with Special Permit and Historic applications and approvals in Cambridge, Somerville, and surrounding areas.
  • Architectural and Interior Design:
    Design of new construction, building renovations, and interior design including furnishing, lighting and finishes.
  • Project Management:
    Efficient administration of the design and construction process with Lean Certified designers on staff.
  • Sustainability/Green Building Consulting:
    We design to EnergyStar and LEED standards and engage in early evaluation of sustainable and energy efficient options for both new construction and renovation projects.
  • PassivHaus Consulting