Mayflower Medicinals Dispensary

Interactive Urban Dispensary

The first flagship dispensary for Mayflower Medicinals in Boston faced several design challenges, not the least of which was limited space. Meeting the stringent DPH guidelines and security requirements while still providing space for 6 budtenders required strategic space planning and many design iterations.

Inspired by the work of James Turrell, custom lighting and display elements were designed to draw patients in and encourage an interactive experience with the plant at the heart of Mayflower’s business. The backlit ‘bud shelf’ features a raised Corian shelf on which tethered bud jars sit, allowing patients to get a close-up view of the different strains of flower available, while still keeping the samples securely locked in place. This display method also allows for patients to browse the different available strains before approaching the budtender stations, speeding up transaction times to reduce congestion in the space.

Project Stats
Location: Boston, MA
Client: Mayflower Medicinals
Completion: June 2018
Area: 1400SF
Materials / Products: Seed Design Concrete Pendants; Armstrong Acoustical Baffles
Service: Architectural + Interior Design, Custom Casework and Display Design
Type: MMJ Dispensary, Retail

Photo Credit: DWJ Creative