Anderson Porter Design will be launching a podcast series with industry experts called “Cannabis is A Good Neighbor” addressing common concerns amongst communities regarding the addition of cannabis facilities to the community.  

APD has established itself in the cannabis industry as an expert in sustainable agriculture, manufacturing, and retail cannabis facility design. After 7 years in the cannabis industry, we recognize a need for shared knowledge, peer review, and verifiable data in the cannabis industry. We can promote proven sustainable practices to implement across the cannabis market through shared data and procedures. We have also gained an understanding of the nuances and stigma surrounding cannabis in communities, but our goal is to change that narrative. We want to begin sharing information and educating people about the cannabis industry not just within the industry but also on a community, local level. 

 As cannabis laws and regulations continue to open new markets, we must educate them on best practices and benefits. We hope to educate communities about how cannabis cultivation facilities can benefit their neighborhood.  

Our goal is to provide industry experts with information regarding sustainability, best practices, and challenges they may face with communities while working in cannabis. We also hope industry experts will use this podcast as a resource to share on a local level to educate communities and lawmakers about what they can expect by having cannabis as a neighbor.