Episode 4: Employment

Why is cannabis a good neighbor? Often people assume that allowing cannabis operations into their neighborhoods could create issues that wouldn’t have existed prior. This episode talks about how these communities can actually benefit from allowing these cannabis operations into the communities. Brian Anderson of Anderson Porter Design is joined by Jay Czarkowski of Canna Advisor, to discuss the opportunities that arise with opening a cannabis operation, specifically employment opportunities.

Brian Anderson

Principal, Co-Founder

Anderson Porter Design






Jay Czarkowski

Founding Principal

Canna Advisor 





This is a podcast series brought to you by Anderson Porter Design. Brian Anderson is joined by cannabis industry experts to discuss concerns of cannabis in the neighborhood. Our goal is to provide industry experts with information regarding sustainability, best practices, and challenges they may face with communities while working in cannabis. We also hope industry experts will use this podcast as a resource to share on a local level to educate communities and lawmakers about what they can expect by having cannabis as a neighbor. 

About Canna Advisors

Led by founders Diane and Jay Czarkowski, Canna Advisors has been a trusted partner to cannabis business clients in 33 states, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada. Named the #1 consulting firm in the industry by Cannabis Business Executive, the Canna Advisors team delivers more than 100 years of combined industry experience in license procurement, facility design and optimization, operational management support, business development, branding, and marketing. Founded in 2013, Canna Advisors is in its ninth year of building the industry as entrepreneurs, investors, and advocates, and was honored with the 2018 Industry Award of Excellence by the National Cannabis Industry Association. For more information, visit ThinkCanna.com.