Cannabis Industry

We work with entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry to design, engineer and construct facilities that transform ideas into successful, profitable businesses. 

Our evolution into the design of cannabis facilities was a natural fit that strongly matches our people first philosophy of promoting health, wellness and sustainability in design. We have completed a number of projects in both retail and growing facilities.

Site Selection & Utilization

We provide comprehensive services to support our client’s property selection:

  • Confirmation of appropriateness
  • Facility size and site utilization to accommodate present and future growth options
  • Site security coordination for fire, police and circulation for support services

Controlled Environment Agriculture

We work with our clients and their grow consultants to:

  • Balance capital expense (CapEx) and operational expense (OpEx)
  • Develop plans that balance system design with efficient work flow
  • Match facility size to business plan and yield expectations

Interior Design

We help our clients stand out in a competitive market within the tight framework of DPH regulations with:

  • Developing Brand Identity and Retail Image to attract target customers
  • Interior design, material selection and flow optimization
  • Creation of customer experiences and unique product displays

Cannabis Industry Services:

  • Cultivation Facility Planning and Design:
    Multi-system approach; spatial coordination of systems with existing or new buildings
  • Spatial coordination for multi-system cultivation environments:
    Improving flow and functionality of environments through multifunctional coordination of complex systems
  • Retail Dispensary Planning and Design: Branded Environments
    Designing a dispensary is designing a “retail experience”. In this highly competitive environment, creating a unique “look and feel” can drive clients to frequent one location over another.
  • Flow Optimization:
    With staff experienced in lean manufacturing and process engineering, we help clients streamline their cultivation processes and design facilities which support them.
  • Proprietary, Industry-Specific Stage Gate Process:
    We work with clients from site selection through systems commissioning, providing transparency throughout the design and construction process.
  • Site Selection:
    Integrating our clients business goals with the right size facilities to meet financial projections
  • Coordination of Vendor Services and Systems; We Work With Your Grower
    Our familiarity with different grow methodologies and the latest products, systems and technologies currently on the market can help our clients meet their ‘grow’ goals.

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